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  • Bill Starkey

What Are Sustainable Materials?

The building industry is responsible for consuming a large amount of natural resources, including water, energy, and wood. This impact on the environment continues after the building process is completed due to the normal operations of the building. For this reason, sustainable architecture is an essential part of promoting health and safety of both the environment and the people in and around the building.

This sustainability begins with the construction stage, when materials for the project are being sourced. Ideally, construction businesses want environmentally friendly materials, or green building materials. Such materials are produced and maintained with minimal impact to the environment.

However, material that is environmentally friendly is not always sustainable. Sustainable materials go beyond environmental impact and have a positive impact on communities, as well. They do not harm the health of those building or using the structure, and the people who obtain these materials are paid a living wage for safe and healthy work. Furthermore, sustainable materials are natural, like bamboo or sawdust, and are durable and reusable.


Bill Starkey

A longtime entrepreneur in Montgomery, Texas, Bill Starkey served as the CEO of Starkey Construction from 1978 to 2015. He delivered measurable results in custom-designed luxury residences and met clients’ specific needs. Emphasizing quality over quantity, Bill Starkey ensured that premium materials were used for building and finishing, and he used a wide range of classic architectural styles, including Georgian and Elizabethan.



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